Asoka Halwa

Asoka Halwa:

Thiruvaiyaru special Asoka Halwa treats and satisfies the sweet lovers in a great way. No harm in having such delicious dish once in a while, heavenly taste to enjoy. Main Ingredients are moong dal and sugar ghee can be adjusted according to our interest.

Asoka Halwa
                                                                    Asoka Halwa


Moong dal-1 cup

Wheat flour – 2 tablespoon

Sugar- 1 1/4 cup

Ghee- 3 tablespoon

Cashew -2 tbsp

Food colour- 1 pinch of your choice

13292922_1108882552486687_356903088_n (1)

1.Dry roast moong dal to golden yellow, pressure cook to a smooth consistency.

2.Mash it to soft and mushy .


3. Heat pan with one tbsp of ghee and roast cashews, collect and keep aside.

4.In the same pan, add wheat flour fry in medium flame to a golden brown. Care should be taken while frying wheat flour.


5. Add fine cooked, mashed moong dal to the roasted wheat flour, along with that add food colour and sugar.


6. Stir it well cook in medium flame, add another tbsp of ghee in the middle of the process.


7. Stir continuously until the halwa leaves its sides of the pan, time to remove from flame.

8. Add rest of the ghee, cardamom powder, and fried cashews mix well and transfer to the serving bowl.






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