Mild and crispy snack with tea or coffee your choice can be Omappodi. Omam (Ajwain) contains numerous medicinal value with the wonderful aroma which makes this snack very special. Mild in taste, not so spicy or salty even a year old child will love nibble or munch it. This can be used to mix or garnish on cooked dishes, it will enhance the flavour and aroma of the dish.




Gram flour (besin flour)- 2 cup

Rice flour-1/4 cup

Omama Ajwain – 2 tbsp

Salt-1/2 tsp

chilli powder if you wish to add- 1/2 tsp


Grind (Ajwain) Omam dilute it and filter the extract out of it.

In a wide pan add other ingredients mentioned above and mix it with the omama extract.

Water can be added if omam water is not sufficient, make it into a thick batter.

Fill the batter in the idiyappam press. (which has small holes).

Heat oil in a kadai when the oil is hot press it roun in the hot oil, turn and cook both the side till it gets golden yellow or sizzling sound stops.


Omappodi is ready.







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