Aval laddoo

Aval Laddu is also known as Poha laddoo

This is a quick and easy laddu recipe that you can make within minutes. We have versatile recipes to enjoy the taste of laddu. This is another sweet treat for sweet lovers. Simply enjoy the taste of it.

Aval / Flatten rice laddoo
Aval / Flatten rice laddoo


Poha (Aval) thin variety-1 cup

Ghee-2 tbsp

Jaggery powdered-1/2 cup , you can use sugar also (I prefer Jaggery )

Cashew-7 nos

Dry grapes-1 tbsp

Elaichi-1/4 tsp


Heat pan with one teaspoon of ghee and fry Poha, roast in a low flame till it becomes crispy.

Allow it to cool down dry grind into fine powder.

Heat pan again with rest of the ghee add cashew and grapes fry till golden brown.

Add powdered jaggery and elaichi powder, with the ladle.

Add powdered Poha mix well all together.

when it is warm make it into medium sized balls.

This yields 10 laddoos .




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