Plan your preparation -Match your Meal

Plan Your preparation: Some ideas to make you  an impeccable in cooking  .We know planing makes a person perfect.It is very important in cooking, this makes one potent cook assists to  provide best feast. Here are 3 such categories to prove yourself.


Measurement based on your family members or visitors you have invited. Choose dishes  which keeps you always confident to prepare.Perfect measurement gives you an exact output and appreciates your talent on manage cooking with out any excess left overs or wastage. More or less measurement will sometime spoils the result .

Second matching your meal  –

Match according to the group preference, hot and spicy with mild side dishes to balance all, to satisfy your taste bud this encourages to have full meal   as mouth watering recipes. we say as “Arusuvai Virunthu” so match all taste accordingly.

Third is Time management-

Understand the time how much  a dish or whole meal consumes to complete an hour before this makes you to stay relaxed, not feeling  exhausted, plan period  for  Soaking,Marinating ,grinding,Cooking, finally have some time to garnishing and decorate your wonderful effort, which gives more attraction to food lovers. 

Plan your preparation:

Cup mentioned below is Uzhakku that is 225 grams.
4  heap cup of rice and 1cup of urad measurement makes 55 Idlies Approximately.
1  cup of Urad dal gives 20 -25 medium sized vadas.
1 cup Rava upma makes 2 person breakfast.
1/2  cup rice -1 person full meal
1/2  cup Toor dal for 8 person meal sambar .
1  Cup of wheat flour for 7 chappathi,

1  cup wheat flour 10 puries

Match your meal:





Sambar/Thanni Kuzhambu/Rasam–—– Veg perattal.Pachadi,Veg mandi,Chips

Getty Kuzhambu/Puli kuzhambu,/Vathal Kuzhambu/Karakuzhambu /veg Soup— —–Koottu.Masiyal,Poriyal.Thovattal Salads,Appalam

Variety rice/Biryani/Curd rice—— Salna, Raitha Chips;Mixed veg Perattal, Tomato masala,Veg Varuval

images (26)

Chappathi——--Kurma ,Dal,Mixed vegetables, Channa curry,Sprouts half boiled with mild spices and seasoned.

Puri—-Kizhangu(Potato)Veg curry, peas curry,Tomato masala

Dosa ——-Sambar, Chutney Varieties White, green and red etc..

Idly——sambar ,kosumalli,Brinjal pachadi,Vengaya kosu,Peerkangai kosu and chutney varieties

Idiyappam–—–Kosumalli,Sambar,Kurma,Vathal Kuzhambu,coconut sugar , milk,Channa curry


Cooking terms used in chettinad:
Category -Venjanam:
Anything else…….


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