Pasipparuppu Paniyaram or payathamparuppu Paniyaram

Pasiparuppu paniyaram or payatham paruppu paniyaram:

Pasipparuppu Paniyaram
Pasipparuppu Paniyaram

Pasi pauruppu in Tamil is Moong dal ,This is one among the special items served during chettiar marriage feasts.

Raw rice -2 cups
Pasipparuppu (Moong dal)-1/2 cup half boiled not smashed

Jaggery-1 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp
Oil for deep fry

Procedure to make rice powder:

1. Clean and soak rice for Half hour drain water completely if there is excess water, spread in a paper or white cloth for few minutes.

Boiled Moong dal
Boiled Moong dal
soaked rice
soaked rice

2.Grind in a mixie dry grind little by little.

3. Sieve it to get fine powder.

Wet rice flour
Wet rice flour

Procedure to prepare Paniyaram batter:

Take a vessel add 1/4 cup of water ,add jaggery melt it in low flame ,When it starts boiling switch off the flame no need of any string consistency.


jaggery pagu
jaggery pagu

Filter it and allow it to cool.

Now in another vessel mix wet rice flour,cardamom powder, boiled moong dal and jaggery syrup as in between idly and dosa batter consistency. You can add little water if it is necessary.

Batter consistency
Batter consistency

Method to make paniyaram:

Keep a small flat kadai in the stove when the oil is hot with a proper ladle pour one ladle of batter slowly into the oil, Allow some seconds to cook, then with the ladle slowly pour little oil from the kadai on the top of the paniyaram. Now the paniyaram will get nice border. Turn side and cook for a minute and remove from the kadai draining the excess oil from the paniyaram.

How to fry Paniyaram
How to fry Paniyaram

After taking out wait for a minute and break one paniyaram and see to check wether it is fried well.If not fry little longer.


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