Broccoli stir fry-easy and healthy samayal

Broccoli easy recipe stir fry,

Broccoli stir fry

Broccoli is an edible green plant in the whose large flowering head is used as a vegetable. usually green in colour, this is considered as one of the worlds healthiest food.


Broccoli-1/2 kg

Onion- 1 chopped

Green chillies-2 nos

Salt 1 tsp

Pepper-1/2 tsp

Oil-2 tsp

Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp 

Urad dal-1/2 tsp


Clean Broccoli wash in hot salted water.


Heat pan with 2 tsp of oil splutter mustard seeds and urad dal.

Add onion and green chillies saute well until it gets half  cooked.

Add cut broccoli saute  now  add salt to it, reduce flame and cook ,actually Broccoli gets cooked faster than all other vegetables no need to sprinkle water to it.

Once it is cooked add pepper and mix well switch off flame and serve.

Egg poriyal-scramble

Egg scramble:

I feel Quick recipe can be done mostly with Eggs .When we feel hungry this can fill our hunger with ease.White rice with this and pickle is enough sometimes rasam  makes good combination.

Egg scramble


Egg 3 nos

Onion-1 chopped

Green chilli-2 chopped

Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Salt 1/4 tsp

oil-1 tsp

Fennel seeds=1/4 tsp

curry leaves-1 spring chopped

Capsicum-2 tsp chopped optional


Heat wok with one tsp of oil add fennel seeds to splutter.

Add Curry leaves,chopped onion and green chilli. saute well until it turns transparent.

Add Salt and turmeric powder.

Reduce the flame Break eggs in to the wok and mix well continuously to intermingle with the ingredients.

Now ,sprinkle  some chopped capsicum (bell pepper)  mix and switch off the stove.

Serve with  Rice and Sambar or with toasted bread slices

Chettinad cookbook Beetroot poriyal

Beetroot poriyal: We can make Chuttney,Soup,masala  many more recipes, But this recipe is easy with less ingredients people from all age prefer this recipe as good mild taste and able to consume more.

Six Amazing health benefits of  Beetroot

1. Lower Your Blood Pressure, 2 Boost Your Stamina, 3 Fight Inflammation,4. Anti-Cancer Properties 5.Rich in Valuable Nutrients and 6.Fiber,Detoxification Support.



Beetroot-1 scarped

Onion-1 chopped Salt 1/2 tsp

Sambar masala powder-1/2 tsp

Coconut 1tsp

Curry leaves-1twig


Heat pan with 1 tsp of oil season with mustard seeds and urad dal.

Add chopped onion saute until translucent.

Add scraped Beet root saute well in slow flame when it is half cooked add Salt and Sambar masala powder.

Cook until soft by sprinkling little water if necessary add grated Coconut mix well and switch off the stove.

This you can mix with rice and eat  or match with any type of fried and curd rice.

Mushroom pepper fry

Mushroom black pepper fry:

Are you a mushroom lover here is one fantastic and simple recipe try it !!!! Easy to prepare in minutes delicious to have as a snack or with bread and butter.

Mushroom Pepper Fry
                                                Mushroom Pepper Fry


We are aware of its health benefits, Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins

They are also the only vegan, a non-fortified dietary source of vitamin D. Mushrooms also provide several minerals that may be difficult to obtain in the diet, such as selenium, potassium, copper, iron, and phosphorus.

Consuming fruits and vegetables of all kinds has long been associated with a reduced risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions. Countless studies have suggested that increasing consumption of naturally-grown foods like mushrooms decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality, diabetes, heart disease and promotes a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

Ingredients: Serves 3 person

Mushroom-150 gms clean and cut into small pieces

Salt -1/2 tsp

Pepper 3/4 tsp

Oil -1btsp



Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil add mushroom, sauté for 2 minutes now sprinkle little salt sauté in low flame no need to add water mushroom oozes out water when you add salt.


Let it cook for 3 more minutes in low flame, all the water gets evaporated sprinkle some freshly crushed pepper mix well, switch off the flame.

This can be served as a starter.

Add 2 eggs with this mushroom and saute, Serve with toasted bread for breakfast.


Broccoli can be added along with the chopped mushroom taste good and for more quantity.