Kuzh vadagam-2

Kuzh vadagam-2:

Time to exploit the hot summer,sun dried vegetables and vathal are popular in chettinad, torrid climate of this region helps a great deal in drying.Seasonal vegetables are processed and dried in the sun light and stored for approximately a year of usage.Vegetables like,brinjal,cluster beans,flat beans,mango, even meat (uppukandam),vathal like Kuzhu vathal,Killu vathal,kanji vathal,vengaya vadagam,mithukka vathal,mor milagai etc…is dried according to the perfect procedure without any great loss of its taste.

Vathal is the most attracting snack with rice for children and elders too.Any type of main course will go with the vathal and vadagam.

This second method is made out of rice flour,with little flavour added .

Kuzh vathal
Kuzh vathal


Rice flour-1 cup

Sago-1 1/2 tbsp

Salt-1/2 tsp

Cumin seeds-1 tsp

Green chillies-2 nos

Onion or garlic -5 pods


Soak sago for 2 to 3 hours,grind with garlic, cumin seeds and green chillies to a smooth paste.

Add this mixture and salt to the rice flour, add 3 cups of water dilute it and bring it to boil in medium flame, when colour changes to transparent switch off flame.

Switch off the flame, allow it to cool.Take a portion from it and add food colour if you prefer.

Spread white cloth in sun light, morning time is the best choice to make it.

Fill the batter in the press of your desired shape, and squeeze it in length wise.


With the help of a table spoon make round shaped small vadagam on the cloth 1 inch space between each.

Add little hot water if the batter becomes thick to drop from the spoon.

Let it dried in hot sun for a day or two,now time to transfer from cloth to plate,sprinkle some water on back side of the cloth to peel out. Spread it in the wide plate.

Let it completely dried in sun light for 2 more days ,when you break the vathal it should break with crispy sound.


Keep it under roof for 2 hours and store it in a container,this can be prepared in large quantity and stored for a year.

Heat oil on stove to deep fry.Add few vathal and fry,it enlarges in size to give you a crispy colourful vathal.




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