Text Books for Tamil Learners in Kuwait

Textbooks published by the Department of School Education, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, India

“Samacheer Kalvi” Text Books: Tamil – For Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Level 1: Text Book for Level 1

Level 2: Text Book for Level 2

Level 3: Text Book for Level 3

Level 4: Text Book for Level 4

Level 5: Text Book for Level 5

( – Audio Enabled Text Books
After the document is downloaded, within Adobe Reader,
press ‘Shift + Ctrl + Y’ keys to ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE ‘Read out loud’ option and
press ‘Shift + Ctrl + B’ keys to ENABLE ‘Read out loud’ option and
press ‘Shift + Ctrl + E’ keys to DISABLE ‘Read out loud’ option)

We follow these books for teaching Tamil language to Learners belong to Overseas Indians Community who do not have Tamil as one of the language subjects in their curriculum.


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