Oyester Mushroom Chilli fry

Oyester Mushroom Chilli fry:

Oyester fry
Oyester fry

This makes them a great option for quick meals, vibrant stir-fry s and simple soups. When it comes to variety, usually the lighter the colour of oyster mushroom, the more subtle the flavour.
Many varieties of mushrooms contain good-for-your-bladder selenium and, like us, they produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Oyster mushrooms are a good source or iron. Plus, they’re low in calories.

Mushroom chilli fry:

Oyester Mushroom-100 gms

Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tsp

Chilli paste -1/2 tsp

Salt-1/4 tsp


Wash and separate mushroom bunches,spread in a clean paper for extra water to observe.

Mix all given Ingredients allow it to set for 10 minutes.

Heat oil in a wide pan place mushrooms scatteringly and fry till crisply cooked.


Drain oil and serve as starter.