Mint Rice or Pudhina Sadham

Mint Rice or Pudina Sadham:

Aromatic and flavourful rice with the crunchy bite of nuts enhances the taste of this green colored healthy pudina rice. We are well aware of the most popular herb mint leaves, it consists of innumerable of health benefits to all age people. I have added cooked rice to the prepared mixture, which helps to retain the color of fresh mint leaves. This wonderful rice can be packed for lunch.

Pudina rice / Mint rice
Pudina rice / Mint rice

Health benefits of Mint:                                                                                                                                       Soothing the digestive tract and if you are having a stomach ache then it can be of great help.            Herbal mint tea reduces irritated bowel syndromes, cleanses the stomach and also clear up skin disorders such as acne. 

Mint acts as a cooling sensation to the skin and helps in dealing with skin irritations.
Mint helps in eliminating toxins from the body.
Crushed mint leaves help in whitening teeth and combat bad breath.
Mint is a very good cleanser for the blood.                                                                                                        7. It can be used as a  mouth freshener.


Rice -1 cup

Onion – cut lengthwise

Tomato -1 cut into small pieces

Curry leaves-2 twigs

Salt-1 tsp

Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Lemon juice- 1 tsp

Garam masala powder-1/4 tsp (optional)


Ingredients to grind:

Mint leaves (Pudina) – 1 cup

Green chilli-3 or 4 nos

Ginger Garlic paste-1 tsp

Coconut- 1 tbsp or 3 pieces



To temper:

Oil- 2 tbsp

Mustard seeds-1 tsp

Urad dal-1 tsp

Channa dal-1/2 tsp

Broken cashews – 1 tbsp

Method to Prepare:

Grind the above “To grind” ingredients to a smooth paste.

Wash and soak rice for 10 minutes, and cook with 2 cups of water, allow it to the room temperature,  keep it ready to mix with the other ingredients,

Heat pan with oil, season it with above mentioned ‘To temper’ ingredients.

Add cut onion saute till it gets slightly brown.

Add curry leaves, chopped tomato, garam masala, salt, and turmeric powder, stir all together for 1 minute.

Add grind paste to it and saute well till the raw smell changes approx-3 minutes.


Now add cooked rice and lemon juice 1 tsp, mix well gently such that the mixture gets coated well, garnish with some fried cashews.


Mint rice is ready to serve with some vegetable and raitha.