Mango Dessert

Mango Dessert:

Treat with mango !!!!!

Sweet is served after every meal as a special treat, which satisfies the whole meal. Naturally, Mango has the wonderful taste liked by all. Varieties of sweets, desserts and puddings are prepared to feed in different style. Here Mango is used to enhance the taste of dessert by its originality and the colour which express the taste by eyesight. Not necessary to add colour and aroma, less sweet is added.

Mango Dessert
                                                   Mango Dessert


Bright yellow ripe Mango – 2

Sugar- 2 tbsp adjust according to your taste

Rice-2 tbsp

Milk (thick)- 1/2 litre (optional-add fresh cream or milkmaid to enhance creamy taste)

Badam- 1 tbsp chopped

Pistachio-1 tbsp chopped

Safforon-1 lavish pinch to sprinkle on it and mix with white mixture13235971_1104061356302140_1711458261_n



1.Peel skin and discard seed, grind to a smooth paste, keep half of the mango as sliced cubes for topping.

2. Soak half of the measure saffron in 1 tbsp of milk.

3.Soak raw rice and coarse grind by adding little milk, mix this mixture in rest of the milk (diluted)

3. Boil this by constant stirring till the mixture thickens and rice cooked. (add fresh cream or milkmaid to enhance the creamy taste)

4. Add half of the measure saffron soaked in milk to the cooking mixture,  you can see the mixture gradually turns pale yellow.

5. Now add  1 tbsp of sugar and mix well. Remove from stove.

6. Now mix rest of 1 tbsp sugar with mango pulp.

7.Divide the cooked rice mixture into two equal portions.

8.In one portion add mango mixture and mix so as to combine well.

9. Pour the white portion at the bottom of the serving container and mango mixed mixture on top of the white mixture to give double colour and taste.

10. Decorate with chopped nuts, mango slices, and saffron.

Serve  this dessert with pride.